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At Perry Chiropractic Clinic, massage therapy is an important part of our whole-body emphasis. While chiropractic care can handle mechanical and skeletal issues, massage therapy focuses on relaxing your muscles to improve strength and blood flow.

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Our therapists utilize a wide range of techniques suited to dealing with your specific issues and goals. From applying pressure and tension to light, skimming movements, and more, we use the best technique for the issue at hand. Set up your appointment today!

What to expect

• Muscle aches

• Sport injuries

• Poor circulation

• Limited range of motion

• Joint pain

• Back pain

Massage therapy for:

Addressing the outer and deeper layers of muscle and soft tissue, our massage therapy services will help to knead away aches and pains while relaxing the muscles and tendons for improved function.

The good kind of manipulation

Reduce stress - relieve muscles - improve your life